Rainharvesting Products

Gainsite can offer a range of rainhavesting products including the following

  • Blue Mountan Gutter Mesh – As pictured
  • Leaf Eaters
  • First Flush Devices


Stieble Eltron Water Filters

Stieble EltronĀ  is a 4 stage water filtration system that is cheaper to install as opposed to a rainwater tank. This filtration system provides fresh and clean drinking water on tap and for a high quality system it comes at a low cost. Changing the filters is easily managed without having to engage a plumber.

These filters will take out all contaminants in your water to .01 micro. The first filter of the 4 stage filter system, eliminates rust and sediment. The second filter of the 4 stage filter system, filters and removes bad taste, odor, chlorine, Thm’s & Voc’s. The third filter has a micro membrane of 0.01 pore size which will filter bacteria and cysts. The final filter will extract any bad odors that occur during the filtration process and prevents the growth of bacteria.