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Do I require Tempering Valves (Temperature Control Device)?

It is now law in Queensland that any hot water system installed in a new house or relocated from its present position is to have a Tempering Valve installed. Hot water systems need to heat water above 60 degrees celsius to prevent growth of legionnaires bacteria. A Tempering Valve then tempers the water to a safe temperature of 50 degrees Celsius maximum delivered to your taps. Hot water at 60 degrees celsius will cause a major burn in 1 second. Hot water at 50 degrees celsius will cause a major burn in 5 minutes. This is the best way to prevent hot water scalds in a domestic situation.

What is a Cold Water Expansion Valve?

A Cold Water Expansion Valve protects your hot water system if the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve fails. If the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve fails (which is common due to consumers not releasing pressure every 3 months or dirt and grit coming through water lines and blocking outlet), the hot water system can build up pressure and split either the hot water system itself or the weakest point in the hot water line. A Cold Water Expansion Valve prevents this from happening. All hot water system manufacturers recommend that Cold Water Expansion Valves be fitted to hot water systems, and is a requirement by Local Council Authority.

What is a Water Isolation / Non Return Valve?

Hot water installations should have a Water Isolation / Non Return Valve fitted, so water can be isolated at the inlet side of the hot water system should the hot water system burst and to prevent hot water passing back up into to cold water supply line.

How to set up Pressure Temperature Relief Drainage?

Pressure Temperature Relief Drainage should be run away from the base of the hot water system to discharge at a low level to prevent rust at bottom of your hot water system and possible scalding.

Do I need to lag my pipes at the Hot Water System?

Hot water pipework at the hot water system should be lagged to prevent scalding.

How should Hot Water Systems be installed?

Hot water tanks should be installed on a solid base to prevent hot water system sinking and pipework being damaged.

Why do I need to increase my gas pipe size when I installing a Gas Hot Water System?

Gas hot water systems need to be installed with the correct size pipework to ensure correct operations. If a gas stove is installed as well as a gas hot water system, pipework may have to be increased in size depending on the distance the appliances are away from the gas cylinders and the appliance mega joule rating. Undersized pipework can starve an appliance of gas and may cause damage and not allow appliance to work properly, rendering warranty claim invalid.

My drain is blocked. What do I do?

Simply clearing the drain does not imply that the cause of the blockage has been rectified. Blocked drains are generally caused by any one of the following factors:- Tree roots, faulty joints or broken pipes caused by movement of the surrounding ground or building, or objects which have entered the drain e.g. children’s toys, sanitary items, disposable nappies or wipes. When a drain blocks for a second time, you request further investigation to determine the cause (i.e. the hire of a drain camera).

My Electric Hot Water System is producing no hot water?

Check if power has tripped in meter box. Have you just run out of  hot water? (check what electricity tariff you are on, i.e does the electricity only come on at night to heat your hot water service). If water is coming through the taps at normal pressure and is cold, the problem is most likely electrical and requires an Electrician. If water is leaking from the tank itself, the hot water system will require replacement.

There is water leaking out of the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve on side of Hot Water System?

Discharge water at the pressure temperature relief valve and check after an hour to see if it is still dripping. If it’s constant, get the type of pressure temperature relief valve off of the tag if possible, or the make and model of your hot water system, so the plumber can have the right valve with him when he comes onto site.

I have a Gas Hot Water System - The hot water is cutting in and out in the Shower?

Check if this happens at other fixtures in the house (eg. kitchen sink). Instantaneous gas hot water services need a certain amount of water flow through the pipework or they cut out to prevent the hot water system from burning out. Try turning on the hot water tap full flow in the shower and then adding the cold water to it. Check Gas Cylinders are not empty.

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