Septic Treatment

Household Sewerage Treatment Plants

Gainsite employs plumbers who hold their current Household Sewerage Treatment Plant endorsements and perform servicing on them on a day-to-day basis. Household Sewerage Treatment Plants are a one tank system that recycles all your waste water by irrigating garden areas on your property. We are able to organise engineering, soil percolation tests and the installation of a new treatment plant at your new home or replace an existing failed Septic System at your existing home.

Gainsite are also Agents for Ozzi-Kleen Household Sewerage Treatment Plants, so if you have any questions about your Ozzi-Kleen system, give us a call!

Gainsite also offers a 12 month servicing schedule for your treatment plant- Enquire today 


Activator is a total tretatment system for septic systems and household sewerage treatment plants. Activator restores septic and waste water system to optimum health – this helps prevent odours, blockages or build up. A total treatment for you waste water system – it cleans, clears and conditions all in one go.